Shaping Consciousness

At Synthesis, we’re inspired by what we can build together. Whether that means envisioning innovative psychedelic set and settings from scratch, creating the perfect guest experience, or lowering the barrier to access to the most transformative tools that exist. Your work at Synthesis comes with a guarantee: You will make a direct life-lasting positive impact on each and every guest.

United in our mission to spearhead a new era in the integration of psychedelics into modern culture. We are pioneers and problem solvers, scientists and inventors. Every interdisciplinary member of our team is dedicated to changing the world, starting from within. And while everyone in our team receives highly competitive compensation and great benefits, the true benefit of working at Synthesis is doing the most meaningful work you can dream of. Like our guests, an ever expanding sense of possibility is what you will discover at Synthesis.

To give equal opportunity and remove potential barriers for people of color, people from the LGBTQI+ community, women, and other marginalized individuals, Synthesis considers applications regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation, or disability. By removing identifiable information from your application as the first step in our process we aim to include those people who will bring a diversity of perspectives, background, and experience. We highly encourage everyone who feels drawn to the Synthesis vision, regardless of background, to apply.

The Synthesis Team

Synthesis Retreat consists of three key teams. To learn more about each role and the application requirements please thoroughly read each position below.

Corporate Team

Our corporate team plays an extremely important role, together we support the operations and growth across all Synthesis teams.

Medical Team

Our medical team is dedicated to adhering to the highest standards of care, ensuring safety for each and every retreat participant.