Herberg Spanbroek

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Our Venue

Herberg Spanbroek is a beautiful retreat venue designed with boutique interiors. With unique original features, the space is a reinvention of its former use as a furniture factory. The serene space sets the scene for a mind-expanding retreat in the countryside.

Sustainability is central to the philosophy of Herberg. During the renovation almost everything was reused to limit waste, such as moving paneling, stairs and using old doors. Energy-saving lighting and water-saving sanitary facilities have also been installed.

Situated in the North of the Netherlands, the venue takes less than an hour to drive from Schiphol airport. Escape the busy tempo of daily life, and enter a safe and nourishing environment to experience a healing psychedelic retreat.





Your Stay With Us



This enchanting venue is designed for a relaxing and restorative retreat. Open and light living spaces like the recreation room and dining space give an atmosphere of quality and class, while your own private room gives you space to contemplate.



Retreat to your luxurious en-suite bedroom for a spot of spacious serenity and enjoy a restful stay in the comfortable extra long beds.



Surrounded by a beautiful countryside of meadows and farmland, it’s a wonderful place to wander in nature or see the local historic cities. Relax on the terrace with a beverage, or in the comfortable garden room looking out.





Travel Details

Address: Herberg Spanbroek, Spanbroekerweg 33, 1715 GH Spanbroek


From Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

From Amsterdam Centraal Station




Team & History

Herberg Spanbroek is situated in a historically agricultural neighborhood that dates back to the 15th century. The well-connected small town emerged during the middle ages, and became a location for companies to settle, with warehouses for animal feed, and shops for cheeses, carts and saddlery.

The former furniture factory was recently renovated by the Rood family who worked together to breathe new life into the building. Within the rural surroundings, it’s a stone’s throw from the church Kerkhuys and Raadhuis cultural center, which complete the picturesque scene.

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