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Synthesis Retreat Venues

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Experience a transformational program at one of our unique and inspiring venues surrounded by nature and beauty. We have created safe and sacred containers to help you to slow down, untrouble your mind from your day-to-day concerns, and provide a sense of ease for you to journey within yourself with a transformational experience.

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Venwoude is an inspiring retreat center in the Netherlands, situated on a beautiful nature sanctuary between Amsterdam and Utrecht. Known for its excellent organic food, simple but high-quality accommodations, and well-kept gardens, the venue embodies an atmosphere of loving care and spiritual depth. Come to this idyllic setting to slow down, reconnect your mind with nature, and journey deep within yourself.
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Herberg Spanbroek is a luxurious, boutique accommodation in a picturesque area with a view of the beautiful North Holland landscape. Each room has its own luxurious atmosphere due to the combination of a classic and industrial interior, adjacent to an attractive garden room and terrace with campfire, with a great view of the landscape. Dive into a personal journey of self-discovery in this sustainable retreat venue.
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The country house of ZeeVELD has a truly unique character. The renovated Dutch monastic architecture is nestled in a beautiful nature reserve of forests and meadows, nearby the beach and sea. Designed for relaxation, this location helps you to wind down, journey within and create a deeper connection with the natural world.

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