Rebooking & Safety FAQs


Your health and safety has always been, and continues to be, our priority. 

In the wake of COVID-19, Synthesis continues to be a safe, nurturing and inspiring space for you to explore your own consciousness.


Throughout the global pandemic we’ve been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on each country; we have been working with key organizations and experts in the service space to design best-practices, safety measures and protocols specific to our retreat experience.

Please find the answers to your questions about new retreat dates, safety measures, safe travel, our venue and rebooking options below.




I booked a retreat pre-covid and it was cancelled. How can I rebook?

  • Find our new retreat dates here
  • Verify if you are able to travel to the Netherlands during the time of your preferred retreat date through the Dutch Government’s official website: FAQs about tourism in the Netherlands and COVID-19 measures
  • Tell us your preferred booking date via this form: COMING SOON
  • Our Support team will manually review your booking request and get your booking confirmed as soon as possible. 
  • To fully guarantee your medical safety and wellbeing during your retreat, we may want to verify your Health Check’s status as part of the rebooking process. 
  • When confirming your rebooking we will include the following payment information: your stored credit, your current balance and, if applicable, a payment link.

What if my retreat gets cancelled?

As the world continues to learn about the course of this global pandemic, we acknowledge there is a degree of uncertainty when it comes to planning future events. For instance, we cannot fully exclude the possibility of a new lockdown or additional travel restrictions. Should we be forced to cancel your scheduled retreat, please know that we will honor the booking you previously made and work with you to reschedule as soon as possible.

This is how we support you in each of the following scenarios:

  • If Synthesis has to cancel your retreat due to COVID-19 health and safety or travel restrictions, we will gladly help you get booked onto a new retreat date or store your full paid amount as credit towards a future retreat (at no extra cost). This credit will not expire.

  • If you are no longer able to attend due to COVID-19 health and safety or travel restrictions. and notify us 14 days in advance, we will gladly help you get booked onto a new retreat date (at no extra cost). Your stored credit will not expire.

  • If you have been affected by a COVID-19 cancellation and you are no longer able or willing to attend a retreat, Synthesis will keep an Administration and Application fee ($500) and refund the remaining paid amount.

If you must cancel your seat, please notify us as early as possible via using the subject line: “Please cancel my retreat booking” and whenever possible include your new preferred retreat dates.

I can’t attend any of the new dates. Will there be more retreat dates announced?

Yes, we expect to announce more dates for 2021 shortly. If you have already booked a retreat, amounts paid will be used as a credit towards any future retreat date as well as for upcoming digital offerings. 

Please note: Your credit will not expire. If you have further questions please contact

In which ways have the Covid safety measures impacted the retreat experience?

Retreat programs will remain consistent with the quality Synthesis is known for - however all retreat programs have been updated to comply with the Dutch governmental regulations and with the safety and health of participants and team members in mind. 

You can see those updates here.

Can I book extra nights at your venue?

We currently do not offer optional extra nights at our venue with your retreat booking. If you would like to spend an extra nights in the Netherlands before or after your retreat, our Support team will gladly provide you with some options that best suit your travels.

Can I schedule a private retreat?

Yes, we offer private retreats. You are welcome to book an Exploration Call for more information. If you’ve already had your Exploration Call and would like to book a private retreat, please get in touch with us via

I want to cancel a retreat which I booked previously, and would like to request a refund. How do I do that?

Any amount paid can be credited towards a future retreat, and this credit will not expire. If you still would like a refund, it will be subject to an administration fee. All requests are handled on a case-by-case basis, for questions please contact


What if I’m not sure if I’m able to travel on my preferred retreat dates?

Being mindful of time and resources on either side, we request that you do not make your booking if travel restrictions apply at the time of booking.  

We strongly advise everyone to inquire with the authorities, such as the Dutch Government’s official website: FAQs about tourism in the Netherlands and COVID-19 measures


What should I know about traveling to the Netherlands?

  •  As of July 1st, everyone is allowed to travel to the Netherlands. Residents from the UK, Sweden and countries outside of the European Union are required to self-quarantine for 10 days. More info
  • All passengers traveling to the Netherlands from an airport must complete the health declaration form. The form contains questions related to the presence of symptoms which could be related to COVID-19 virus. Before boarding the crew checks the completed health declaration form. In case you have one of the symptoms as listed in the health declaration form, you’ll not be accepted on the flight to the Netherlands. This is also applicable for transit passengers.
  • Passengers arriving from countries with code orange or red, are required to test for COVID-19 at Schiphol Airport. 
  • It is not currently compulsory to wear a face mask at Dutch airports, however, it is compulsory on the airplane.
  • Testing and/or temperature checks are not demanded or performed by Dutch Airlines. Nevertheless temperature checks can be demanded by other countries or foreign airlines.
  • When using public transport in the Netherlands, the use of a non-medical mouth mask is compulsory.
  • Practicing physical distancing is compulsory, and thus, keeping 1.5 meters distance from other people is required at all times. 
  • It’s required to practice all the known best hygiëne practices such as frequently washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, coughing or sneezing in your elbow and avoiding touching your face.

For up to date travel information, visit the Dutch Government’s official website.

Will I need to self-quarantine?

Currently, residents from the UK, Sweden, parts of Portugal and Spain, and all countries outside of the European Union are required to self-quarantine for 10 days.

This information is subject to change. Please verify through the official sources whether or not self-quarantine is a requirement for you - it is your own responsibility to act in accordance with these requirements from the authorities. Synthesis does not accept guests during their period of self-quarantine. 

What should I do if I develop symptoms of COVID-19 during my travel?

If you have symptoms that suggest you may have COVID-19, remain inside wherever you are staying and arrange to be tested. Call 0800-1202 or +31 850 659 063 to arrange an appointment. If you test positive for COVID-19, you and any travelling companions must self-isolate for 2 weeks.

Will there be a pickup from Amsterdam Airport?

At this time, it’s not advisable to travel by group taxis and therefore Synthesis does not operate a shuttle service to our venue.

Each of our venues is reachable within an hour by car from either Schiphol Airport or Amsterdam Central Station. We advise you to travel by taxi, Uber or public transportation. 

Staxi offers an excellent airport pickup service. More information

After your booking, we'll send you a Venue Guide, which includes more detailed travel information. 

Health & Safety

How do Covid-19 prevention measures impact the retreat experience?

Retreat programs will remain consistent with a commitment to the quality and safety of experience for our participants and team. To that end, all retreat programs and staff protocols have undergone a thorough review in order to comply with Dutch government regulations and best practices. The new standard hygiene measures and distancing will be implemented, and information on further protocols for safe travel, transfer, arrival health screening and sanitizing will be part of your retreat preparation.

For more information view our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols.

Will there be a pre-visit screening?

For the safety of other participants and staff, we will ask for a mandatory pre-retreat COVID screening one week before the start of your retreat. We will ask you a list of questions, that, if answered in the affirmative, we, unfortunately, need to re-book your retreat for a later date.  

Where will you be travelling from to the Netherlands?

Where will you have travelled in the last 30 days prior to the retreat, including air travel stopovers?

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Elevated body temperature
  • Presence of cough
  • Loss of smell or taste
  • Presence of fatigue or general malaise
  • Presence of headache
  • Presence of body aches
  • Adherence to social distancing guidelines
  • Known contacts with an infected individual
  • Engagement in high-risk behaviors (e.g. participation in large gatherings without social distancing or use of the appropriate protective equipment)

Do you live with someone who currently has any of the above mentioned symptoms?

Have you engaged in high-risk behaviors (e.g. participation in large gatherings, travel, etc. without use of personal protective equipment or social distancing) during the past 14 days or plan to do so before your retreat?

Do you live with someone who has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

Have you been in touch with someone who has been diagnosed with the COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

Are you currently in quarantine because you’ve had direct contact with someone who has a confirmed COVID-19 infection, or have been in a country with code orange or red (the past 14 days)?

In addition, we advise minimizing physical contact with people who are not part of your household for two weeks before the retreat. This will lower the risk of not being able to participate, or infecting other participants.

For more information, view our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols. 

What are some of the protocols applied (during ceremony days)?

  • 1.5 m distancing, make use of the spaciousness of the building and outdoor spaces
  • No handshakes, hugs or physical contact unless strictly necessary
  • Fresh air and ventilation
  • Use of masks whenever desired
  • Temperature checks on arrival and departure
  • Direct access to local healthcare
  • Specially designed cleaning protocols for spaces, doors, toilets, etc.
  • Specially designed protocols for serving food and drinks.

For more information view our COVID-19 Health & Safety protocols.

New Venues

Why did you move to new venues?

We’ve always wanted to include more nature and natural elements into our retreat experience, but the Lighthouse was located in a residential area. While searching for a serene, natural setting we’ve fallen in love with multiple new venues that have exactly that, allowing us to increase our overall capacity. We are excited to welcome you to our new homes:

  • Venwoude (Ven-Wowde) has a campus that stretches across a beautiful 40-acre estate surrounded by the serene Dutch Woods, with three unique ceremonial spaces, sprawling gardens, outdoor sauna, and fire pit. 
  • De Hoorneboeg (Horna-Buch) has been known as a place for ‘spiritual deliberation, formation and reflection’ for over a century. 
  • Herberg (Heir-Beirg) is a luxurious, boutique accommodation in a picturesque area with a view of the beautiful North Holland landscape. Dive into a personal journey of self-discovery in this sustainable retreat venue.
  • Zeeveld (Zay-Felt) is a charming and balanced boutique-style farmhouse near the coast, surrounded by forest and birdlife.