I am convinced that the way forward for the human race is to recognize and protect the fundamental right of sovereignty over consciousness, to throw off the chains of our divisive religious heritage, to seek out forms of spirituality (or no spirituality at all if we so prefer) that are truly supportive of liberty and tolerance, to help the human spirit to grow rather than to wither, and to nurture our innate capacity for love and mutual respect. The old ways are broken and bankrupt and new ways are struggling to be born. Each one of us with our own talents, and by our own choices, has a part to play in that process.



Thank You

For completing your last step and playing your role in the Synthesis process. Our support team will make sure you will be picked up on time and dropped off safely. Our lead facilitators will study your intentions and goals and guide your safely through the wonders of psychedelic states of consciousness.

If you have any further questions, about anything, please reach out to us at any time. We are most happy when we can support you on your odyssey of the mind.