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Men's Retreat


This unique Synthesis men only retreat is a rite of passage that will support deep personal exploration of oneself within a strong, safe and mature container. Diving deeply into ‘liminal realms’ and non-ordinary states of consciousness with truffles containing psilocybin, we will explore together what it means fully to be a man. We will gain insight through exploration of our relationships as men, amongst men. Reconnecting with our ancestral and archetypal roots, whilst integrating the dark and soulful qualities of our masculine nature: which is capable of discernment, protection, heartful relating, and embodied leadership. 

A man must go on a quest - To discover the sacred fire - In the sanctuary of his own belly - To ignite the flame in his heart - To fuel the blaze in the hearth - To rekindle his ardor for the earth
Sam Keen

Who is this retreat for? 

Men from all walks of life, ages, religious creeds, races and sexual orientations are welcome to participate. The retreat is especially designed for all those who identify as men, who are already on the path of self-discovery. Men who might have engaged in men’s work, shadow work, therapy, self-development, personal leadership, and/or are committed to a spiritual practice. We especially invite men who wish to deepen their embodiment of leadership. Whether they are leaders in their community, in their careers, their relationships, or their own life.


A Retreat for Men, By Men...

James Clifton

Lead Facilitator

James brings many years of experience at tracking and guiding others through non-ordinary states of consciousness. Whether through conscious intent or unexpected life events he has supported Men and all Male groups within multiple contexts, including Psychotherapeutic Containers, Conflict Zones, Shadow Work and Rites of Passage experiences and Contemplative and Transformation focussed communities.

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Daan Keiman

M.A. Spiritual Care | Lead Facilitator

Daan is a psychedelic chaplain and holds an MA in Spiritual Care.

Working with gay, straight, queer, and bisexual men, Daan came to realize that men often lack emotional support from other men and struggle with being vulnerable and open to others. His goal is to support and reassure men as they explore what it means to be a (hu)man for them, and help them to go beyond notions of masculinity and manhood by engaging with deeper, more meaningful and mystical dimensions of life. 

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Sven Kimenai

BSc. Psychobiology | Assistant Facilitator & Breathwork Coach

Sven has a background in Psychobiology & Supplement Development. After his studies, he went on a path of exploring science-based methods for self-healing. He became a Wim Hof Method Instructor, a Breathwork Facilitator and started studying psychedelics for transformational healing. He emphatically empowers others to step out of their comfort zones and supports them in exploring their inner landscapes. His aim is to research and apply psychedelics and breathwork, to catalyze personal growth, insight & human connection.

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Men periodically need an all-male container to process that which only men can relate to fully. To be physically, psychologically and emotionally attuned in this way enables man to be understood at a core level, reconnecting his fierce wild heart with his masculine soul.
James Clifton

What’s Involved?



This retreat is anchored in two truffle ceremonies, a moderate dose on day 2 and a higher dose on day 4. The use of psychedelics has been used as a transformational catalyst and tool in many cultures, for thousands of years. Truffles containing psilocybin support transformation and change by giving us the opportunity to step outside of the ordinary, habitual and familiar into the non-ordinary, whereby we have access to our consciousness and our psyche - which refocuses and informs us around hidden and unexplored insight and potential.


Depth work is the process where we move consciously toward historical patterns that were once useful, yet now no longer serve us. Psychological or protective mechanisms or emotional threat zones that have built up over time are explored here with courage and support. We will engage you in an archeological dive into your unconscious which will enable access to hidden meaning/gifts and energy that has laid dormant or buried, freeing up creativity, libidinal drive, and purpose.


Ancestrally inspired techniques to alter our physiology, and to learn about our bodies and minds. In communion with nature, we will work with the elements as tools for reflection, stress-regulation and boost our vitality. Among these practices are breathwork, an ice bath, and a modern sweat lodge experience. Elemental Biohacking is a nature-based approach at biohacking and a way of moving towards an open-hearted expressive primal-self.


Men have gathered together for millenia to bond, share stories, experiences of trials and errors in support and collaboration with each other. Acknowledging our vulnerabilities as well as our strengths as men, can build safety and resilience amongst communities of men. Maturity and wisdom can be cultivated in these environments whereby the healthy masculine is present and consistently shared. By sharing food, our voices, and rituals we connect in an authentic and deeply meaningful way.


This is the process of going inward, toward deeper self-inquiry, connecting to your inner resources and attuning to your inherent internal wisdom. At Synthesis we will engage in a variety of meditation techniques over the five-day retreat. These practices will help you draw yourself into a state of self-empowerment which will further support and anchor the insights experienced within your psychedelic journeys.


Prior to the retreat, we will come together for a group call, to build a sense of connection and community. Preparation exercises will be offered and  Each psychedelic ceremony will be bookended by preparation and integration sessions to help you get ready for and process your experiences. Following the retreat, the community you have created during your time at Synthesis will extend into a private virtual circle, allowing the group to reflect, support one another and collectively develop the integration of your experiences and insights.


The Benefits Of A Synthesis Retreat

While everyone’s experience is unique, here are some of the incredible results that our study has shown:



The national average of positive mental health is 50.7. Four weeks after a Synthesis retreat, our participants go from 48.6 to 54.5. A tremendous 10% lasting increase.



Synthesis participants report better sleep, decreased rumination, positive mood, improved concentration, and healthier eating habits.



The degree of connection that each participant experienced to themselves, others, and nature, more than doubled after Synthesis, an increase of 118% About half of participants had a full mystical experience.



The degree of fear and stress reported by participants decreased by and remained lowered by 13.8%.

*Data was collected and analysed independently in participation with Imperial College London. Baseline was two weeks before a Synthesis retreat and during. Follow up was two and four weeks after. Data and analysis can be found here.



What we offer is a true synthesis of different elements of men’s work, personal leadership, self-development, embodiment and spirituality. We work with different powerful tools such as truffles containing psilocybin, breathwork, sauna heat-rituals, meditation, biohacking, shadow work and ice bathing to facilitate profoundly transformative experiences. Our framework is integral: we do not only look at what it means to be a man, but also how we can let go of those ideas and embody who we truly are at a deeper level more fully.     


Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, Our Retreat Center is Currently Closed

Due to the ever-changing COVID-19 global health impacts, travel restrictions and extended lockdown in the Netherlands, we’re still unable to reopen our wellness retreats.

Please note: As we’re able to resume retreat operations, you’ll be contacted when we’re able to begin the screening process that is required prior to offering you a retreat date. We will prioritize retreat bookings based on the completion of screenings and approvals.



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11:30 | Transfer from Amsterdam 

13:00 | Welcome Circle

14:00 | Welcome Lunch

15:00 | Flight Instructions

16:45 | Individual Preparation Coaching 

19:30 | Dinner

20:30 | Exploration: The Embodied Man 


08:00 | Meditation 

08:30 | Breakfast 

09:30 | Exploration: The Shadow Self

11:30 | Breath-work 

14:00 | Medium/High Dose Truffles Ceremony 

20:00 | Closing Circle 

21:00 | Dinner


08:00 | Meditation 

08:30 | Breakfast

09:30 | Group Integration 

11.00 | Individual Integration Coaching 

13.30 | Lunch

14.30 | Exploration: Elemental Bio-Hacking 

18.30 | Group Integration

19.30 | Meditation 

20.00 | Dinner


08:00 | Meditation 

08:30 | Breakfast  

09:30 | Exploration: Modern Sweat Lodge 

13:00 | High Dose Truffles Ceremony 

20:00 | Dinner


08:00 | Meditation

8:30 | Breakfast

09:30 | Group Integration 

10:45 | Individual Integration Coaching 

13.30 | Lunch

14:30 | Exploration: The Generative Man

15:30 | Closing Circle

16:00 | Transfer Amsterdam

A man doesn’t have to live up to any narrow, societal image of manhood. There are many ancient images of men as healers, protectors, lovers and partners with women, men, and nature. This is how we are in our depths: celebrators of life, ethical and strong.
Aaron R. Kipinis


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