Medical Application Screener

 Medical Application Screener


Synthesis Medical Screener works with our Medical Team, thoroughly reviewing all applications to ensure the highest level of safety for all participants. We seek an experienced medical professional to serve as a health screener for customers applying to attend our retreats. The ideal candidate is passionate about health and wellness as it intersects with the psychedelic experience and possesses.

Education/License Requirements

  • Health professional experience, a Doctor, Psychiatrist, Medic, Registered or Licensed Practical Nurse experience in high-volume work, including:

    • Minimum of  3-5 years of healthcare experience in a professional setting

    • MA or PhD in medical, health, or fitness related field; or a nursing degree, EMT/Paramedic, Medical Assistant, Nursing Assistant and/or Phlebotomist with appropriate current certification, registration and/or licensure in the state or country of practice preferred

    • Current First Aid/CPR certification

    • Prior experience and proven proficiency in health screener positions and/or experience with psychiatric/clinical assessment 

  • Strong organization focused on the well-being of the customer, optimal results for their retreat

  • Knowledge of contraindications as they relate to the use of psilocybin and psychedelic retreat experiences

  • Awareness of current professional standards in the field and/or willing and capable to pick it up while running (basic knowledge of psychiatric compounds and psychiatric disorders is a big pre) capable of creating risk assessments based on limited research; strong analytic and creative capacity to switch between anecdotal evidence, scientific evidence, hypotheses and building and testing working theories

  • A network with psychedelic scientists or psychedelic clinicians (pharmacists, etc.), resources and process to remain informed on best practices and address questions on an ad hoc basis

  • The ideal candidate has some practice or is grounded in contemplative or shamanic practice, has personal experience with psychedelics, depth knowledge of psychedelics in both pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic terms, and has a depth knowledge of psychedelics in both pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic terms

We seek an experienced candidate, who:

  • Deep understanding of the psychedelic retreat experience, specifically psilocybin

  • Personal experience with altered states of consciousness and an understanding of what others in altered states of consciousness need to feel safe and supported

  • Strong organizational and administrative abilities:

    • Documentation

    • Time management 

    • Attention to detail

    • Communication

    • Effective written, communication, and computer skills

  • Professionalism: excellent and effective interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work well with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc.

  • The ability to be flexible, especially in regards to this positions’ work schedule, and possess a willingness to adapt to changing situations and to learn new tasks

  • The ability to solve problems and remain grounded while working under stress

  • Enthusiasm, charisma, creativity, humor, leadership skills, and individual initiative

  • Support/embody the mission and vision of Synthesis 

Additional Requirements:

  • Reliable Internet access

  • Laptop or desktop computer


Compensation package to be determined based on experience.

Application Process

When applying for a role at Synthesis please include:
  1. Your CV 
  2. A brief 2-minute video introducing yourself
  • What’s your background in relation to the role? 
  • Why do you want to work in the psychedelic field?
  • Why are you a great fit for Synthesis?
  • Anything else we should know about you.
  • Record, upload online to Vidyard and send us the link (not the file).