Marketing Director

Marketing Director

Synthesis is a Netherlands based company that offers legal, medically supervised, and scientific based psychedelic retreats in Amsterdam. We are a fast-growing startup that aims to make the psychedelic experience accessible for curious individuals who want to utilize moderate-to-high doses of psilocybin truffles to catalyze emotional breakthroughs, personal growth, and explore consciousness.

Synthesis spearheads a new era in the integration of psychedelics into modern culture. In carefully curated settings, these remarkable molecules are powerful agents for transformational experiences. They can restore our sense of wonder, and foster a renewed sense of connection; to ourselves, others, and the natural beauty of the wider world. Our name is a tribute to our core mission; to catalyze synthesis between modern research and wisdom cultures to create a recipe for transformative wellness. By building best practices across online education, branding, centers of excellence,, medical treatment, facilitator training, SaaS software, and more, we aim to become a full stack solution for a world where everyone can access psychedelic supported transformation.


The Marketing Director is responsible for Synthesis marketing activities and oversees the development and delivery of a completely integrated marketing strategy.


We seek an experienced candidate who:

  • Has previous experience and proven results growing a brand through strategic public relations campaigns
  • Demonstrates expert-level understanding of website design, branding, community development and management of overall content plan in relation to popular social platforms.
  • Is experienced in designing and executing marketing plans
  • Is experienced in B2C and/or B2B Sales
  • Has excellent written and spoken English
  • Has a very high degree of scientific psychedelic literacy
    • Can represent the high-quality experience that Synthesis delivers
    • Masters how the full customer journey flows, from education to intake, preparation, experience, and integration
  • Delivers timely analytical performance data
  • Is highly experienced with CRM’s and how to leverage their technology for highly personal customer communications (Hubspot and/or other)



  • Support/embody the mission and vision of Synthesis
  • Understand the deep responsibility to deliver ethical psychedelic care 
  • Have excellent communication and customer service skills
  • Have experience in building and leading a team
  • Are detailed oriented
  • Can orks independently - and are a self-starter
  • Have highly-effective judgment to make sound and responsible decisions 
  • Model professionalism: excellent and effective interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work well with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc.
  • Have the ability to be flexible, especially in regards to this positions’ work schedule, and possess a willingness to adapt to changing situations and to learn new tasks
  • The ability to solve problems and remain grounded while working under stress
  • Radiate enthusiasm, charisma, creativity, humor, leadership skills
  • Have self-care and inter-personal integrity as a top priority in your personal life
  • Strong organizational and administrative abilities:
    • Documentation
    • Time management 
    • Attention to detail
    • Meeting attendance
    • Effective written communication skills and digital skills
    • Enjoys a fast-paced / start-up environment
    • A critical eye and ear for process

As Synthesis’ Marketing Director, you will play a pivotal role in the development of Synthesis as a brand, service, and as an alternative to the current mental health care paradigm. You will be working closely with the founding team on strategy, growth, and vision. You’ll become an exemplary spokesperson not just for Synthesis, but for the psychedelic space as a whole. You will be in constant communication with our medical, ethical, and scientific team to deliver high value and accurate information to Synthesis’ prospective clients and partners. Together with management, you will hire, train, and grow a committed team that can execute innovative strategies to help heal individuals and their communities. 

Together, we want to:

  • Lead an inspirational, exciting, and educational marketing strategy
  • Lead multiple branding project to create cohesion across all Synthesis touchpoints
  • Use PR wisely for our overall communication strategy
  • Become a leading organization that deeply understands the value of joint ventures and partnerships in the psychedelic space
  • Execute a high level multi-year SEO strategy
  • Set up a multi-channel affiliate strategy
  • Create world-class customer retention (alumni, referral programs, community platform, etc)
  • Envision and communicate innovative value-added services across all verticals

The following is a plus: 

  • Willing to relocate to the Netherlands
  • Experience with Open Book Management,  Quadruple Bottom Line, and/or B Corporation certification
  • Experience with plant medicine ceremonies

Compensation Package: 

Compensation package to be determined based on experience.

Application Process

When applying to Synthesis please be sure to include all of the following for consideration: your CV as well a brief 3-5 minute video introducing yourself, sharing a bit on your background specifically as it relates to your experience in retreats and with psychedelics, as well as anything else that you think we should know about you. Please include your location, willingness to relocate to the Netherlands if not currently based in country, your salary requirements. Upon receipt we will be in touch within 3-5 business days.