Wellness Lead Facilitator

Wellness Lead Facilitator

Since 2018, The Synthesis Institute has been offering legal, medically-supervised and science-based psychedelic wellness retreats near Amsterdam for open-minded individuals who want to experience psychedelics for integrative healing and expansion potential. 

Standing on years of experience and a reputation for offering world-class psychedelic retreats, Synthesis is uniquely qualified to set the standard for practitioners to safely, ethically and effectively support people on a journey for healing. As a result, in 2020, we opened registration for the Psychedelic Practitioner Training, a 12-month professional certification program that offers current leading-edge thinking and modalities associated with guiding clients through safe and ethical psychedelic journeys. The inaugural cohort began training in April 2021.

With the FDA designating prevailing psychedelic treatments utilizing MDMA and psilocybin as “breakthrough therapies,” the process to speed up research and approval of psychedelics to treat conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), major depressive disorder (MDD), and treatment-resistant depression (TRD); new era is now upon us—one in which the medical framework will be able to legally prescribe psychedelics in the United States.

Deeply rooted in a vision that everyone should have access to mental health and well-being, Synthesis is uniquely poised to usher in this new era, pioneering as a global leader in advancing research, convening community, educating the public and engaging in activism to promote safe and legal access to psychedelics.

The Synthesis Institute is based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, with the Digital Education division based in Oregon in the United States. We are accepting candidates globally, however for this role at this time we are prioritizing candidates who live within or can easily travel to the Netherlands.


Position Overview: The Wellness Retreat Lead Facilitators are responsible for the health and vitality of the heart of Synthesis, the Wellness Retreats. With the support of retreat operations and in partnership with the retreat staff, the Wellness Retreat Lead Facilitators build and lead the transformational container of retreat, from preparation through integration. Responsibilities include leading and directing retreat elements, supervision of the retreat team, guiding participants through group or private psychedelic ceremonies, facilitating deep psycho-spiritual transformational processes, and ensuring high-quality and consistent retreat rituals and protocols. 

The ideal candidate exemplifies servant leadership and impeccable ethical standards, has a deep understanding and appreciation of hospitality, and has a background as a facilitator, care provider or spiritual guide. We are looking for a candidate who has an understanding and passion for psychedelic care and culture, and who feels humbled, excited and responsible for taking up a leadership role in the unfolding psychedelic renaissance.

The Wellness Retreat Lead Facilitators are responsible for ensuring a synthesis between the creative, spiritual, mystical and ceremonial qualities of retreats and the cognitive, research and scientific based elements. The Wellness Retreat Lead Facilitators safeguard and encourage the spiritual/shamanic/wisdom perspective in evaluating and supporting participants who are experiencing challenging experiences and/or the integration thereof, while also skillfully directing and/or applying proven therapeutic frameworks and modalities to increase transformational effectiveness and cultural relevance for participants. 

Expectations and Responsibilities:

  • Serves as a senior retreat staff member
  • In partnership with the Wellness Retreat Director, this role will advise the Synthesis leadership team on retreat operations
  • Supervises retreat operations together with the Director of Wellness Retreats, ensuring the highest quality of care, service, experience and hospitality for guests and staff alike 
  • Responsible for overseeing and implementing ethical practices
  • Leads and provides support, mentorship and supervision for retreat staff before, during and after retreat
  • Contributes to the personal, professional, and spiritual growth of staff and team  
  • Supports team growth through recruiting, hiring and onboarding of new staff
  • Facilitates retreat elements including but not limited to workshops, preparation sessions, integration sessions, 1:1 coaching conversations, ceremonies
  • Provides excellent psycho-spiritual support to participants
  • Creating a safe, open and inclusive setting for clients from diverse backgrounds and experiences 
  • Develops and implements a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable training program aimed at increasing the skills and capacity of Synthesis retreat staff and trainees, in collaboration with the Director of Wellness Retreats, Director of Organizational Development, and other staff
  • Advises leadership on program development, budget management, research of best practices, and resource development
  • Evaluates retreat operations, manages outcome data/KPIs and makes recommendations to Wellness Retreat Director regarding service, practices, and/or methodologies.
  • Creates and holds container of the highest ethical standards for the full retreat cycle including preparation, retreat and integration, including all elements practical, operational, logistical, mental, emotional, energetic, spiritual and physical
  • Completes administrative duties and other duties as assigned

Required Skills & Experience:                             

  • 5+ years practicing as a licensed and/or credentialed (where applicable) practitioner in a specific field of expertise AND/OR 5+ years of demonstrable practice as an affiliated and endorsable member of a specific spiritual/wisdom/mystical lineage, tradition or organization
  • Minimum of 5-years relevant experience in group-work and/or leading groups, for example leading training or workshops, group coaching, leading retreats, group therapy etc.
  • 3+ years working in a management-level position within either the hospitality industry, care industry, and or spiritual field
  • 3+ years working experience with psychedelics and/or expanded states of consciousness 
  • Recommended and endorsed by a supervisor, mentor, elder or teacher
  • Has successfully organized and lead retreats with 12 or more participants
  • Experience managing and developing a team 
  • Can demonstrate expert level understanding of the transformational journey and has experience facilitating the journey of transformation with a wide range of modalities
  • Experienced in providing relationship-based education, training and supervision that is work-focused and which manages, supports, develops and evaluates the work and expertise of staff
  • Prior success collaborating and advising in cross functional, cross departmental environments
  • Demonstrates knowledge of performance management standards and human resources related policies and procedures
  • Deep understanding of coaching principles, mentoring structures/relationships and staff motivation
  • Demonstrates compassionate, highly nuanced and inclusive social communication skills
  • Demonstrates cultural sensitivity and a capacity to work with diverse teams and clients without bias, prejudice, stigmatization, or discrimination 
  • Demonstrates deep level containment and self-knowledge including recognition of own biases 
  • Excellent computer fluency, including in Word and Excel, scheduling systems, and cloud-based alternatives — Ability to generate reports utilizing these systems
  • Demonstrates mindful awareness of sociopolitical and cultural sensitivities around mainstreaming psychedelics   
  • Demonstrates extensive interdisciplinary knowledge and is passionate about many ways of knowing
  • Prior success anticipating and analyzing problems, gathering information, and creating solutions 
  • Displays sound ability to exercise independent judgment, problem urgency and taking appropriate action.
  • Is deeply committed to an ongoing spiritual or personal-growth practice and values introspection, personal growth and self-care as a priority  
  • Prior experience in creating and maintaining confidentiality and participant privacy 
  • Is willing to work on a flexible schedule, and travel to different retreat locations in the Netherlands during retreats
  • Professional fluency in written and spoken English

Highly-Preferred Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of Netherlands compliance 
  • Experience working within a scale-up environment

Compensation Package:

  • Training Pay
  • Hourly Compensation  
  • Travel Expense Reimbursement
  • Holiday & Sick Pay*