Synthesis COVID-19 Protocols for Participants

Updated August 2021

Synthesis offers safe, legal, medically supervised psychedelic retreats in Amsterdam. We are committed to supporting the psychological and physiological safety for all who participate in the retreats. The purpose of this policy is to outline our COVID-19 protocols, and the subsequent requirements of all retreat participants, so informed decisions are made about participation. 

All group retreats carry inherent risks, including those associated with COVID-19. 

While we cannot guarantee that our retreats are without some level of risk, we believe that our protocols balance our collective responsibilities to minimize viral transmission while providing an environment that supports creative breakthroughs and the exploration of consciousness.

As a global community we understand that there is a wide range of expectations regarding COVID-19 protocols. Each country has a unique set of guidelines, testing resources, and cultural norms. For the sake of clarity and consistency, all participants must follow the protocols outlined below, regardless of their vaccination status or testing protocol that they have adhered to prior to traveling to the Netherlands.

By participating in a Synthesis retreat, you agree to follow the COVID-19 protocols as outlined.. If you feel that you cannot safely adhere to these protocols, or if you prefer to postpone your retreat to a later date, please contact us by emailing


what to expect at the retreat venue

The retreat you are scheduled to participate in is located in the Netherlands. Synthesis adheres to the regulations for Contact Based Professions. In addition to these regulations, Synthesis is committed to the additional safety protocols as follows:

  • All participants will arrive/depart and enter/exit in small groups so they can stay 1.5 meters apart during check-in. 
  • Staff are trained on cleaning and sanitizing protocols.
  • Synthesis will provide health screenings, including COVID-19 tests, for all retreat participants and staff prior to entering the retreat space.
  • Sanitizing all luggage that enters the retreat space.
  • Increased cleaning protocols with hand sanitizer, disinfectant, and extra cleaning supplies located in every room.
  • Private sleeping accommodation for guests. Please note however that the shower and bathroom facilities are shared. Additional measures are being taken by the venue to ensure daily multiple routine hygiene cleaning of the showers and bathroom facilities. 
  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, and high-traffic surface areas.
  • Extra sanitary cleaning shifts in bathrooms and high traffic areas.
  • In addition, the venue has implemented additional safety measures to minimize the transmission of COVID-19.

Expectations of Retreat Participants

We understand that minimizing transmission of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility between the Synthesis staff and retreat participants. We appreciate your commitment to the additional safety protocols outlined below in an effort to support a safe experience for all participants. 

Planning Your Travel to the Netherlands

  • Make all travel arrangements - allowing time for necessary tests.

    • Synthesis requires a PCR Covid test, conducted in the Netherlands, within 48 hours of the start of your retreat. Please allow for additional time to complete the test before the start of the retreat. See below for additional information.
    • Gather information regarding all other travel requirements as dictated by various government agencies. 
    • Travel Insurance is recommended in the event that your plans are disrupted by a positive Covid test during travel.
  • Schedule all necessary tests.

    • You will be required to take a PCR Covid test in the Netherlands prior to your retreat. We highly recommend that you take a similar test prior to any international travel.
  • Review the Synthesis Pre-Visit COVID-19 Screening

    • Prior to travel all participants must review the Pre-Visit COVID-19 Screening no sooner than three (3) days prior to the start of your travel. If you answer yes to any of the screening questions, please contact and be advised that you might be asked to reschedule your retreat date accordingly.

Upon Arrival into the Netherlands

  • Complete a PCR COVID Diagnostic Test within 48 hours of the start of the retreat.

    • All participants are required to provide a negative PCR test, taken within 48 hours of the start of the retreat. Test results must come from a testing center located within the Netherlands.
    • Participants may choose to provide PCR test results from other testing centers at the expense of the participant, provided that the tests are conducted within the Netherlands and within 48 hours of the start of the retreat. Email results to: 
    • If a participant tests positive for COVID-19, they will not be admitted into the venue and cannot participate in the retreat. All costs associated with COVID-19 positive quarantine, accommodations, transfers and travel are the responsibility of the participant. In addition, no retreat tuition refunds will be granted due to a COVID-19 positive test, although we will maintain a credit on file for your tuition that you can apply to a future retreat.
  • Minimize high-risk activities during the time between taking the COVID-19 Diagnostic test and arrival at the venue.

    • Follow social distancing recommendations.
    • Wear a mask if social distancing is not possible.
    • Minimize contact with other individuals as much as possible.


Upon Arrival at the Venue

  • Present results of negative PCR COVID Diagnostic test results to the Synthesis team.
  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 meters and wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose during check-in. 
  • All participants will be required to submit to a temperature check and take a Rapid COVID Antigen Test upon arrival to the venue, administered by members of the Synthesis Team.
    • If a participant tests positive for any COVID-19 PCR Test or Antigen Test or they have a fever higher than 100.4 degrees fahrenheit (38 degrees celsius) they will not be admitted into the venue and cannot participate in the retreat. All costs associated with COVID-19 positive quarantine, accommodations, transfers and travel are the responsibility of the participant. In addition, no retreat tuition refunds will be granted due to a COVID-19 positive test, although we will maintain a credit on file for your tuition that you can apply to a future retreat.
  • Sanitize hands, luggage, phone, and any other items before entering the retreat space.
  • The retreat check-in process which may include additional questionnaires or protocols required by the retreat center.


During Retreat

  • Participate fully in the retreat experience.
    • Synthesis is committed to creating a container that supports physical, emotional, and psychological safety. Synthesis retreats are a sensory experience. Our retreats are considered a contact-based service. As such, there will be times where it’s not feasible to enforce the 1.5 meter social distance protocol. To offer care and support, and to facilitate the safety of the retreat participants, facilitators may come in close contact with retreat participants through touch. The thorough testing and sanitation process prior to entering the retreat is designed to allow participants to fully participate in the Synthesis retreat experience. 
    • Supporting an environment of psychological and physiological safety is paramount to a successful retreat experience. In order to fully support participants during transformational experiences, facilitators will need access to view the full face of the participants in order to read micro-expressions. As such, it is essential that the facilitators can see the full face of the participants. Therefore, masks will not be worn during the truffles containing psilocybin ceremonies.
  • Be prepared to wear a mask when/if required
    • Masks may be required based on the protocols of the venue(ie: in dining areas and high traffic spaces). Additional guidance on mask wearing will be provided at the retreat center.
    • Masks will be provided by Synthesis if deemed necessary.

  • Support a Safe Retreat Environment
    • Washing your hands regularly.
      • After an activity outdoors.
      • Before meals.
      • After meals.
      • After a bathroom visit.
      • After touching your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, private bodily areas, or any other bodily fluids.
    • Coughing and sneezing. 
    • Using paper tissues after blowing your nose.
    • Touching as few things as possible with your hands.
    • Keeping your personal belongings in your room.
    • Only bringing your personal belongings when necessary (ie: notebooks, pens, phones, etc).
    • Limiting phone use and cleaning/sterilizing your phone after each use.

    • All retreat participants and facilitators share a mutual responsibility to support a safe environment. By attending the retreat you agree to adhere to the standard safety protocols which include, but are not limited to:g:
  • Bring concerns to a member of the Synthesis Retreat Team
    • If you experience any concerns regarding your safety or the safety of others as it pertains to COVID-19 during the retreat, please speak with a member of the Synthesis Retreat Team.

Departing the Retreat

  • Plan to remain at the venue until closing circle is complete.
    • Due to the design of the retreat, it is important that all participants remain fully active until the end of the retreat. All participants are expected to participate in the closing ceremony, which concludes at 4pm on the last day of the retreat.
    • Participants are responsible for all necessary arrangements for their return home, which may include additional testing requirements. Please plan accordingly.

We look forward to welcoming you and supporting you on your retreat journey.