Community Manager - Psychedelic Practitioner Training

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Since 2018, The Synthesis Institute has offered legal, safe, and evidence based psychedelic wellness retreats near Amsterdam, guiding individuals and groups who want to experience psychedelics for integrative healing, personal growth and spiritual exploration. 

The different initiatives to decriminalize and regulate access to psychedelic-psychotherapies in conjunction with positive changes in the public perception, all signal an important re-appraisal of the therapeutic and spiritual potential of these powerful substances. A tide is turning—one in which practitioners of diverse backgrounds are coming together to synthesize a new way of working legally with psychedelics in the United States and around the world. 

This has led to growing interest in our psychedelic retreats and trainings and has created the need for us to expand our team.

Deeply rooted in a vision that everyone should have access to psychedelic care, Synthesis is pioneering a unique integration of clinical research, wisdom traditions, scientific findings and contemplative practices. Our organization is a global leader in advancing research, building community, educating the public and developing protocols to reduce risk, optimize benefits and promote safe and legal access to psychedelics.

Synthesis operates uniquely as a for-profit stewardship entity in a complex regulatory and operating environment. The Synthesis Institute is based in Amsterdam in The Netherlands, with our Digital Education division based in Oregon in the United States. We are accepting candidates globally and will consider those willing and able to work remotely, provided they meet the requirements of the position.  


Psychedelic Practitioner Training Community Manager

The Psychedelic Practitioner Training Community Manager serves as a facilitator/coordinator, customer support, and public-facing ambassador to our Psychedelic Practitioner Training community on our digital community platform, Synthesis Circle, on all digital program events, and in response to individual emails from participants. In this role, the Community Manager plays a critical role on the Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program team. The Community Manager implements best practices and standard operating procedures to generate a safe and dynamic community container that supports online engagement, individual and group learning, and the optimal user experience/journey within the training.  

Reports to: Psychedelic Practitioner Training Program Manager


Responsibilities include: 

  • As guided by the Program Manager and the Director of Education, ensure seamless user experience for those enrolling in our programs. 
  • Serve as the central liaison/point person for the PPT program, including but not limited to: 
    • Tracking Attendance
    • Tracking and follow-up for important forms/submissions/assignments as needed 
    • Tracking feedback and user needs/concerns
    • Receiving and triaging incoming inquiries from participants
    • Sending outgoing inquiries if a participant needs further support/etc. 
    • General support of the entire cohort through their training experience 
    • Customer Support for all things PPT (includes being on all calls) 
  • As guided by the program manager, design, build, implement and maintain all aspects of the Synthesis Circle, including adding of new groups, cohorts, threads and all program assets. 
  • Consult with the Program Manager and the Director of Customer Support on frequently asked questions regarding the Online Community as well as implementing feedback and upleveling the overall user experience in sync with customer support best practices 
  • Develop and communicate best practices and activities for online community management to be implemented and adopted by the larger team. 

This is a full-time, remote working position, however candidates must be eligible for employment in the United States or Netherlands.


Required Experience:

  • 2+ years experience as a public-facing ambassador in a high-end customer service, sales/enrollment team, small group facilitation, or comparable customer/community facing role;  
  • Proven experience with moderating communities online.
  • Experienced with building and navigating online community platforms (Circle, MightyNetworks, Ning, etc.) and leveraging technology to create highly-engaged, safe and interactive communities online. 
  • Ability to articulate standard best practices for a growing team, onboard, train and supervise teammates to embody those standard best practices.
  • Experience with designing a system of tracking metrics of community engagement and a consistent reporting system to track engagement.
  • Understand the deep responsibility that comes with delivering safe, legal and ethical psychedelic care.
  • Highly independent self-starter that is detail oriented and organized and comfortable in a start-up growth environment.
  • Have highly-effective judgment to make sound and responsible decisions. 
  • Model professionalism through excellent and effective interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work well with people of all ages, backgrounds, etc.
  • Able to solve problems and remain grounded while working inside projects with limited time and resources.
  • Experience in strategic planning and helping to ensure the efficient operation and growth of the department.
  • Excellent decision making and delegation skills, proven track record of excellent performance 
  • Excellent planning and project management skills 
  • Able to show initiative and with a willingness to try new ideas 
  • Excellent written and spoken English skills.


Highly-Preferred Qualifications / Experience:

  • Familiarity with scientific psychedelic research. 
  • Experience with/knowledge of plant medicine ceremonies. 
  • Have a wellness/self-care practice and value introspection and personal growth as a priority. 
  • Deep personal experience with psychedelics.
  • Experience with Asana and Google Sheets/Google Docs. 



  • Base annual salary €38,896 - €53,040
  • Annual performance and salary review