Support and coaching at Synthesis, with Natasja Pelgrom


To illustrate what you can expect from the Synthesis preparation and integration coaching, we are proud to present this profile of Natasja Pelgrom, a Holistic Transformational Mentor. Natasja, who has highly empathic abilities, is a core part of our coaching team and undertakes both preparatory and integration work with our guests to assist them in their personal psilocybin journey.

> “Any transformational journey requires integration, which means cleaning up your act in support of your newly upgraded self. Job, relationships, diet, habits, mindset—all these are up for transformation in the weeks after your psychedelic experience”> - Natasja Pelgrom

Natasja is an intuitive guide, powerfully focussing her energies on creating a safe space of acceptance for you to enter each coaching session. Drawing deeply on her own sacred medicine work, she carries a sense of ceremony into her delivery of guidance, empowering everybody she comes into contact with to connect with their inner abilities to create their own reality. Natasja has a strong background in working with those suffering from habits and addiction, unresolved trauma, depression, relationship issues, anxiety, and stress, often drawing on nutrition to help the body heal from within. She has been a key influencer in the development of the retreat preparation and integration program.

What does a typical preparation session with Natasja involve?

The preparation that you do before you arrive at Synthesis is key to opening your heart and mind to the fresh possibilities and perspectives that the psilocybin ceremony may evoke in you. Beyond this, your guided preparation setting will help you to further refine your intentions for the ceremony, and how to be receptive to elements of the experience which will be significant and/or transformative for you.

Natasja says, “If you’re looking to go deeper in your journey, we can talk about techniques that you can use, during the experience, in order to assist you in ‘reprogramming’ yourself.”

The techniques that Natasja’s coaching draws on can vary depending on what aspects of yourself you’re hoping to work on: “Some of the intentions that I help guests fix their focus on during their ceremony include healing trauma, developing healthier habits and thought patterns, and changing their relationship with troubling thoughts and memories. I also use these tools when I provide life-coaching without psychedelics, but their potency can be greatly enhanced when they are deployed in the psychedelic state.”

What does a typical integration session with Natasja involve?

Integration is designed to provide support in deconstructing a psychedelic experience, which can help you understand where it fits into the narrative of your life. The core principle of Natasja’s coaching is to help you discover what emotional themes may have been exposed by or during your psychedelic experience. Her integration session will then equip you to link those themes to your personal history and future goals.

An integration session with Natasja typically:

  • Takes place online, lasting about 90 minutes
  • Is primarily a conversation, in which Natasja listens and asks questions
  • Involves Natasja tracking your speech and how your body and energy fields relate to it, in order to offer relevant feedback
  • Allows Natasja to identify and help you challenge neurologically limiting beliefs or stressors that will be relevant to the issue(s) you are facing. You may be invited to close your eyes and participate in a meditation that will put you into a Theta state; your deep subconscious and the optimum learning state.
  • Concludes with a plan for ‘homework’ which will support your process, often intended to rewire your brain and nervous system, informed by the principle of positive neuroplasticity.

Although each guest will come to coaching with their own personal experiences, Natasja draws one point of similarity between every session; the purpose of coaching is to maximize the benefits that you have received from your psychedelic experience.

“Should you be unsure what lessons you should take away from your journey, I will work with you as needed to clarify and deepen your understanding of the insights that you have encountered during your journey into the realm of expanded consciousness.” She notes that “a particular image, sound or sensation may mean one thing to you, and something completely different to somebody else, so there is no direct translation that can be applied.”

Natasja relishes the fresh challenge, which each guest faces, “of helping you figure out what your experiences mean to you, and how they apply to your life.” Psychedelic integration provides context to the content of your experience.

Natasja’s personal journey

Natasja has had a vibrant, traditionally professional, career ‒ with chapters as a trained photographer and a businesswoman, directing multiple companies and working variously in fashion, hospitality, and events ‒ but she started to show an aptitude for her current role as a Holistic Transformational Mentor at a young age.

Borth in Amsterdam to a Dutch mother and Portuguese father, Natasja’s clairvoyant abilities were first evident in childhood. Throughout her professional development, she maintained strong ties to her innate sense of spirituality, by concurrently studying energy healing, Reiki, ThetaHealing®, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and neo-shamanism. She began using this acquired expertise to help others, and now has over 10 years of experience in counseling, life, and business coaching.

In 2013, Natasja decided to leave the rat-race behind, fully-embracing her guiding inclinations, to dedicate herself to the exploration of consciousness and to help others using the knowledge gained from a lifelong fascination with wellness and healing. She assists people who are seeking cutting-edge transformational tools to support their own healing and/or personal development and to access their best self by working from within.