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Participate in our legal, professionally-guided program to support your personal growth



Our comprehensive programs include pre-retreat preparation, psychedelic-supported retreats that are centered around the ceremonial use of high-dose, legal psilocybin mushrooms (or truffles containing psilocybin in The Netherlands), and post-retreat integration to catalyze the potential for positive change. 
We have curated an expert team of psychedelic facilitators and meditation and breathwork instructors and designed an experience that blends the best of ancient wisdom traditions with current research findings. 
You’ll be joining a community of over 1,000 pioneering individuals who have trusted us to guide them through their self-exploration via our carefully curated programs. 
Our passion for stewarding the psychedelic renaissance has resulted in the creation of a retreat program that our participants are reporting as one of the most impactful experiences of their lives.
While everyone’s experience is unique, here are some of the results that our study has shown:


The national average of positive mental health is 50.7. Four weeks after a Synthesis retreat, our participants go from 48.6 to 54.5. A tremendous 10% increase.



Synthesis participants report better sleep, decreased rumination on negativity, positive mood, improved concentration, and healthier lifestyle habits including nutrition and exercise.

Greater ConnectedneSs

Greater Connection

The degree of connection that each participant experienced to themselves, others, and nature, more than doubled after Synthesis, an increase of 118%. About half of participants expressed having a full mystical experience.



The degree of fear and stress reported by participants decreased by and remained lowered by 13.8%.

*Data was collected and analysed independently in participation with Imperial College London. Baseline was two weeks before a Synthesis retreat and during. Follow up was two and four weeks after. Data and analysis can be found here.
Medical Safety


Our team of professionals perform comprehensive health screenings for all applicants in order to identify any personal health risks, ensuring the safety of all of our participants.



The Synthesis Team consists of experienced professionals; trained in the best practices used in research trials, they have prepared and guided hundreds of participants safely through the full variety of psychedelic experiences.


Scientifically Validated

Through our collaboration with the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London, Synthesis is contributing to pioneering data.


Your Journey


The Synthesis Retreat Experience

We will guide you through our carefully designed journey to experience the full potential of psychedelics. Lying down comfortably with your eyes gently covered, we will provide you with the truffles containing psilocybin in a way that minimizes nausea, and you will be guided through a supportive sound experience knowing you are safe.


1. Preparation

  • Individual Health Screening

  • Group Preparation


2. Retreat

  • Private 1:1 Coaching
  • Carefully Designed Set & Setting
  • Meditation & Breathwork
  • Ceremonial Truffles Containing Psilocybin Experiences
  • Educational Workshops

3. Integration

  • Group Integration
  • Access to Additional Programs
  • Private Inner Circle Membership
  • Post-ritual screening

In committing to this experience, you will be a pioneer in your own right, joining a specially curated list of attendees who are contributing to the next conscious evolution of humanity in a significant way.

Your Experience Could Include:

  • Peak experiences

  • Mystical states of consciousness

  • Overcoming destructive attachments

  • Deep and lasting sense of connection

  • Remembering meaningful memories

  • Challenging and confronting visions

  • Processing childhood experiences

  • Synesthesia — see sounds

  • Experiences of intense love and bliss

  • Identify and release suppressed feelings

  • Intellectual epiphanies

  • Enhanced self-acceptance and compassion

  • Heightened states of creativity

*While there are no guarantees as to what kind of journey you will have - these are the most-commonly known types of psychedelic experiences.

Our Venues: Houses Of Well-Being


Here's What You Need To Know




Synthesis: Legal Psilocybin Mushrooms (or Truffles Containing Psilocybin in The Netherlands) Experiences

Based in Costa Rica and the Netherlands, we offer a 100% legal way to explore expanded states of consciousness in a modern, comfortable, professionally supervised setting.

Contributing to Science

Synthesis is committed to science-based data and contributing to research. To date we’ve collaborated with The Psychedelic Research Group of Imperial College London in a pilot study where it was revealed that the largest contributors to a transformational psychedelic journey are sense of safety, quality of intention, the absence of escapist behaviors and distractions, and the feeling of community - all important aspects that we safeguard. By participating in a Synthesis program, you get the opportunity to contribute to pioneering science.

Personalized Care

Throughout the psychedelic supported retreat, we cater to your individual needs by offering specialized workshops and one-on-one consultations with our professional facilitators to ensure you are adequately prepared and equipped to process your experience.

Professionally Supervised

Our Health Screening Questionnaire is designed to prioritize your safety.  Plus, we have experienced practitioners leading all retreat activities to ensure you are well-supported. 

Preparation & Integration

Our programs include pre-retreat preparation and post-retreat integration. Preparation is key for maximizing the potential of a beneficial psychedelic experience and integration is important for prolonging the benefits. We are dedicated to ensuring that our participants understand the unique ways that truffles containing psilocybin can aid in growth and expansion. 

Set & Setting

The psychedelic supported ceremonies are designed to reduce any anxiety or nervousness you might feel. From the sound experience to personalized care, every element is planned to ensure your optimal mindset and comfort is prioritized. 

Inner Circle

You will receive lifetime access to our alumni community as part of your retreat commitment. This ever-evolving community offers access to professional support and networking as you continue the process of your own psychedelic journey and personal development.


Featured Stories



1,000+ people have embarked on a journey through Synthesis They happily share with you how it has impacted their lives

How would you rate your experience
The experience has been nothing short of life changing. From the facilitators, to the people I shared the venue with, everyone was warm, caring, and accepting. The Synthesis team is doing amazing work, long may it continue. I can't wait to attend again!
William, 37, Recruitment, UK

It would be impossible for me to speak too highly of the benefits of undergoing the Synthesis psilocybin retreat. The guidance offered, in the in the weeks leading up to the retreat itself, through the care and commitment of the facilitators before, during and after the ceremony/experience, coupled with the offer of support and assistance, guarantees (to those who ensure they arrive with the right mindset) a successful outcome. I took away from my time in Amsterdam a foundation which I know I can continue to build on in the years to come.

My perception of the benefits I've gained have already been confirmed by those near and dear to me and already the benefits have extended beyond the merely personal into my deepest relationships. This has been one of the most truly transformative experiences I've ever undergone. It is without question unlike any of the other modalities I have undertaken over many years and clearly the one that to date has had the most significant impact in enabling me to understand who I am, why I have lived my life as I have to date and what I will now do with what of it remains.
Stewart, 62, Insurance, Australia

For those of us searching for meaning or redirection, Synthesis and its facilitators can help you self-guide to what is your higher calling or purpose.
Lauren, 34, Accountant, USA

I really appreciated the way the Synthesis team was informative, educational and to the point and at the same time sacred and ceremonial. Last but not least I appreciated how they were kept totally secular, that is important to me. What struck me as surprising was that the actual psychedelic journey was a much lesser piece of the overall experience than I had expected. I did expect the surrounding activities to be nice and interesting, but not that they would be essential to the experience and the possibility to learn from it in the way that they turned out to be.
Jonah, 40, Teacher, Sweden

I couldn't think of a better place for a psilocybin retreat. The Synthesis team is very loving and supportive, the building modern and beautiful, the food lovingly prepared. I am glad that I took part and I will come again.
Marcel, 53, Teacher, Switzerland

The Synthesis team is amazing, from the first email to the emotional goodbye hug they are top class every step of the way. Having been to many spiritual/development focused retreats (meditation, motivational speakers, etc) this was one of the most professionally run and knowledgeable I’ve ever been to. Also, as a complete novice to entheogens/psychedelics it was amazing to see how the retreat catered to those of all levels, helping a rookie like me feel very safe & secure while still keeping those with more experience really engaged! Lastly, they do a great job of curating groups of awesome people, while our group was very diverse there was no drama or issues. Amazing experience, people and team!
Daniel, 27, Market Research & Analytics, Canada

This retreat allowed me to explore areas in my life I had not been able to easily access. Everyone was professional and lovingly compassionate and caring. A beautiful experience.
Marion, 66, Psychotherapist, USA

Find out why our participants rate us 9.7/10